Zaman Sekolah: Lawan Pemadam

We're going to take you back to your school days with Zaman Sekolah: Lawan Pemadam.

Stretch your fingers, bust out your old moves and have some fun!

Erasers will be provided. Each match consists of 3 rounds, 2 wins out of 3 will proceed to the next match. There are prizes to be won, plus the bragging rights as the Rubber Master!

Simple rules of the game:
1) Move your eraser by flipping it with your finger.
2) If your eraser lands on top of your opponent's eraser, you win!
3) No touching your opponent's eraser.
4) The eraser that falls off the arena automatically loses.
5) Have fun!

It's RM4 per person. Bring your friends or ring your former classmates to join!

Limited slots available. Reserve your ticket through Momentum KCH. Message the page too if you have questions.
Sun Dec 18, 2016
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM MYT
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Sanjuro Cafe
Participant x 2 SOLD OUT RM8.00
Observer x 2 SOLD OUT RM8.00
Venue Address
Sanjuro Cafe, Kuching Malaysia
Momentum KCH